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National Cheesecake Day – July 30th

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National Cheesecake Day is celebrated on July 30, 2015. If my family have anything to say about it they would make every day cheesecake day!  A favourite for many, the definition for cheesecake is a rich dessert cake made with cream and soft cheese on a graham cracker, cookie, or pastry crust, typically topped with a fruit sauce. (The second definition perhaps not what the day was meant to celebrate. LOL)

When checking out some information on cheesecake I was surprised to see how many countries have their own version. From South Africa to Asia, Europe to Australia. Each country has their own twist to this fabulous dessert, using various types of creamy soft cheese.  Italy use ricotta, Germany, Netherlands & Poland use quark and in North America we use cream cheese.

Modern commercial American cream cheese was developed in 1872, when William Lawrence, from Chester, New York, while looking for a way to recreate the soft, French cheese Neufchâtel, accidentally came up with a way of making an “unripened cheese” that is heavier and creamier; other dairymen came up with similar creations independently. (shared from wikipedia)

I can’t help but think that Dairy Fairy’s tvorag cheese would make a wonderful cheesecake. And if I was planning on making a cheesecake to celebrate National Cheesecake Day I would definitely give it a try. But this Thursday, you will find me sampling one of Buy Manitoba’s favourite cheesecakes – Double D’s Cheesecake at 200 Meadowood Drive behind St. Vital Shopping Centre.  Check out their website and you will find great coupons to sample the cones and cakes yourself!!   See you there!!!