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MFPA rebrands to Food & Beverage Manitoba


May 5, 2015 (Winnipeg) — The Manitoba Food Processors Association (MFPA) announced today at the Annual General Meeting it has rebranded itself as Food & Beverage Manitoba.

An industry-led, not-for-profit organization, Food & Beverage Manitoba is dedicated to promoting Manitoba’s food and beverage industry, and ensuring its members have the resources, strength and conditions they need to succeed.

Along with the new name, the rebranding includes a new brand identity and website – foodbeveragemb.ca. The organization’s refreshed identity more accurately represents an industry that has changed in many ways since the MFPA launched in 1993, says executive director Dave Shambrock.

“Manitoba’s food and beverage producers are growing, and we’re excited to grow with them,” he says. “Today, consumers want products that are less processed and contain more natural ingredients. Our members are responding to that need. As their association, we want our name and brand to reflect not only the present, but the future of our industry.”

Shambrock says the new name also encompasses “the full breadth of the industry we represent. We’ve always included Manitoba’s beverage producers, and in recent years they’ve become the fastest-growing segment of our membership. It’s time they take their rightful place in our name.”

Manitoba’s food and beverage industry is the province’s largest manufacturing sector. Its members range from small startups to multi-national corporations, food and beverage producers, growers, and processors to marketing boards, government agencies, retailers, packagers, and suppliers. No matter their shape, size or focus, the companies that make up this industry face the constant challenge of adapting to shifting consumer demands, increasing competition, and a fast-changing regulatory landscape.

Food & Beverage Manitoba provides its nearly 300 members with expertise and resources in developing new markets, training a skilled workforce, building human resource capacity, creating opportunities for networking and collaboration, and sharing critical information about domestic and international trade, industry regulations, and government programs.

For more information, please contact:

Dave Shambrock

Executive Director

Food & Beverage Manitoba

(204) 982-6372 Ext 102