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Francophone Comfort Food From Manitoba

Del’s Specialty Meats (Del’s) is a family owned and operated company founded in Winnipeg in the 1920s. As one of the largest producers of French Canadian cuisine in Manitoba, the company is known for traditional products such as Del’s Paté, Tourtière, Voyageur Pie and many other specialty meat products.

In 1997 Del’s was acquired by the A. Gallant Co, a third generation family business also established in the 1920s, and production moved to Letellier. New products were also introduced, including frozen pizzas, cookies, and cakes! All of their products are made from scratch in-house, including the pizza and pie crusts. It’s a nut-free facility and Manitoba sourced ingredients are used whenever possible.

Del’s products are available at retailers throughout Southern Manitoba, as well as for fundraising initiatives within the province. The company also provides an extended line of traditional francophone foods to the food service industry, including the French Canadian pavilion at Folklorama, and Festival du Voyageur; many of the requisite festival foods, such as pea soup, bannock, baked beans, and tarte au sucre are supplied by Del’s!

As of January 2013 Del’s is owned and operated by Jessie and Brian Heppner, who are carrying on the 90-year traditions of rich and delicious French Canadian foods. Click here for a list of Del’s products and where you can find them.

Five Foods Found In French Canadian Cuisine

1. Tourtière – a savoury pie made with browned meat and spices. It’s traditionally part of holiday meals, especially at Christmas and New Year’s.

2. Bannock – a quick flat bread with many variations. It has centuries-old roots in several cultures.

3. Pea Soup / soupe aux pois – another food found in many cultures, French Canadian pea soup is typically made with salted pork and whole yellow peas.

4. Sugar Pie / tarte au sucre – just as it sounds, this sweet treat is like pecan pie without the pecans.

5. Caribou – an alcoholic drink made from red wine and liquor, usually whiskey, and sometimes sweetened with maple syrup or sugar. A votre santé! (Cheers!)