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Manitoba Made Foods in the Spotlight

Winkler Meats and Danny’s Whole Hog have recently been featured on Breakfast television! Click here to watch Jake from Winkler teach host Jeremy John how to make a yummy sausage and pasta dish, and click here to see the range of products available from Danny’s, and why he’s proud to support the Manitoba food industry.

Today’s Metro paper featured a 2-page spread focused on our Farmers’ Market Partners. For many Manitobans, farmers markets are a highlight of summer. Whether it’s your main source of produce, where you go for homemade cookies and treats, or you just like to grab a lemonade and browse, our feature will interest you! Click here to see the full spread (including our “What’s in Season” guide, an article about St. Norbert Farmers’ Market and farmers’ market map), and be sure to check out our article about market accessibility here.