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Manitoba has best in North America

canadiangold nov 10

The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting were held on February 27, 2016. Known as the “Academy Awards of Water”, Berkeley Springs is the largest, most prestigious and longest running water tasting competition in the world. After two days of tasting and judging Manitoba’s own Canadian Gold won two silver medals.

Prairie Crystal Pure Spring water bottled at source in Marchand, Manitoba since 1980 won SILVER in the “Best Bottled Water 2016”. Only bottled water from Greece came out ahead, making Prairie Crystal Pure Spring the best bottled water in North America!

TOUCH Sparkling Mineral Water, designed for people watching their sugar intake, won SILVER in the category for “Best Bottled Carbonated Water 2016”. Water from Bosnia won the gold.

Canadian Gold Beverages (2012) is the only company in the world which qualified in the top with both bottled still and sparkling mineral water proving once again that this Marchand, Manitoba company provides the best quality water  in North America.

Congratulations Canadian Gold on adding more medals to your already large collection!!