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Fish Fit for a (Roman Sea) God

Mariner Neptune Fish and Seafood Company Ltd. supplies fish, seafood, and meat to grocery stores (both large chains and smaller independents), restaurants of all types, hotels, and institutions. The company was formed twenty years ago by a merger between Mariner Seafood and Neptune Fisheries, and operates out of a 15,000 Sq. foot facility in Winnipeg.

While many may recognize the company as a distributor and wholesaler of a wide range of meat and seafood products, Mariner Neptune is also famous for their fresh smoked whitefish, tulibee, and goldeye!

Tulibee, also known as tullibee, cisco, or lake herring, is a freshwater whitefish. Goldeye fish have quite the history in Manitoba, and as such are often referred to as Winnipeg goldeye – and yes, they’re even the namesake of Manitoba’s professional baseball team! Smoking the fish brings out the flavour and texture, while retaining the Omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein that fish is lauded for.

Over the years, Mariner Neptune has built up a solid network of partners in both the seafood industry and Manitoba community. On the distribution side, the company is a supplier of Manitoba companies Freshwater Fish Corp. and Granny’s Poultry. Mariner Neptune is also a partner of SeaChoice, a sustainable seafood program. Through the program, Mariner Neptune demonstrates its commitment to finding products that have a lesser impact on oceans while providing the high-quality product the company is known for.

Mariner Neptune products can be found at major grocery retailers across Canada and their facility at 472 Dufferin Avenue in Winnipeg. Click here for a list of products and where to find them.