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Fantastic Foods – May

With so many delicious Manitoba products to choose from, it can be tough to pick a new one to try. So every month, we are featuring a few of our current favourites and how we like to enjoy them – bon appétit!

Bessie’s Best  ‘Life Changing’ Kalamata Olive Tapenade: This spread’s name says it all. Olive lovers rejoice and prepare to have your minds blown! This tapenade is made with love and the yummiest purple Kalamata olives available, which are shipped straight from Kalamata, a region in Greece. These tasty olives are macerated and blended with sweet roasted peppers, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and of course garlic! The finished product is a juicy salty spread that goes great on pizza, tossed in pasta or simply eaten on crostini with goat’s cheese. We’ve heard it’s also delicious in a dirty martini! The tapenade is made without vinegar, which makes it suitable for Candida diets. It is also vegan.

rawnata – Chocolate Hemp Snackers: Guilt-free snacking at its best! These snacks are a great source of protein and fiber, and are crafted with raw ingredients to maximize nutritional benefits and flavour. Sold in resealable packaging, you can throw one in your bag for on the go re-fueling. Eat them straight out of the package or crumble on yogurt, overnight oats or on top of a salad! Snackers are also available in a Goji flavour, and are now available at Generation Green at The Forks.

Elman’s – Hot Mustard: From the classic Winnipeg maker of kosher deli foods, Elmans’ golden yellow hot mustard should be in the pantry of  every Manitoba home. It has just the right amount of heat, and its bold taste makes it a great addition to all kinds of sandwiches, dressings and sauces. One of the best ways to enjoy it is also one of the simplest – try it with some corned beef from Smith’s Quality Meats, on City rye bread! It’s the ultimate Manitoba sandwich (and a delicious one at that).

Cocoabeans Bakeshop – Peanut butter cookies: This dedicated gluten-free bakery’s mission is to make tasty baked goods that just happen to be coeliac-approved – and they definitely succeed. While many gluten-free baked goods can be dry and crumbly, Cocoabeans managed to create the perfect formula for a texture that’s chewy on the inside, with just the right amount of crunch on the outside. They’re dairy-free too – all the more room for peanut butter. You can find them in their bakery on Tache in St. Boniface.