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Fantastic Foods – July

With so many delicious Manitoba products to choose from, it can be tough to pick a new one to try. So every month, we are featuring a few of our current favourites and how we like to enjoy them – bon appétit!

Prairie West Ice Cream: Looking to cool down with a yummy treat this summer? Search no further – Prairie West Ice Cream has you covered! With a variety of unique flavours like Salted Caramel, Banana Sundae, Golden French Toast and Birthday Cake, you’re sure to find a flavour to suit your taste. This innovative company is continuously testing new ingredients and encourage their customers to contact them with new flavour concepts! Their tasty products can be found at Scoop Shoppes and select restaurants.

Conscious Fare – Jamore Real Fruit Spread: This blueberry fruit spread won gold at the 2014 Great Manitoba Food Fight, and for good reason! With no added sugars or artificial sweeteners, its sweetness comes from blueberries and prunes. The minimal amount of sugar per serving (especially compared to typical jams), allows the blueberries to be the star of this spread. Use it like you would jam, or try it out with some healthier-option desserts like chia pudding. Mix it with oil and balsamic vinegar for a refreshing salad dressing or top your overnight oats for a flavour burst that’s sure to wake up your taste buds!

Boon Burger – Boon Patties: Vegetarians and vegans are often faced with a lack of good options at barbecues. No more! Did you know that Boon’s signature patties are available for sale? Even meat lovers will be jealous when you cook one of these up. The cremini mushroom and brown rice base is deliciously seasoned, and provides a perfect base for your favourite burger toppings; Boon’s vegan Caesar dressing and mayo are also available for sale, so all you need is to pick your veggies!

Danny’s Whole Hog – Pulled Pork: This is another restaurant favourite that’s available to buy and make at home! Danny’s offers a  range of perfectly barbequed meats, but it’s their pork that put them on the map. This heat and serve pulled pork is easy to prepare, and tasty enough to deserve Danny’s signature thumbs-up. Try it on some soft bread for a classic pulled pork sandwich, pair it with one of Danny’s BBQ sauces, or even throw it on some fries with gravy and Bothwell Squeak’rs for a deliciously Manitoban poutine! This pulled pork definitely Brings the Flavour!