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Fantastic Foods – January

With so many delicious Manitoba products to choose from, it can be tough to pick a new one to try. So every month, we will feature a few of our current favourites and how we like to enjoy them – bon appétit!

Bothwell Cheese’s Red Wine Extra Old Cheddar:  Aged cheddar is perfectly paired with red wine, so why not marry the two together, forever! Bothwell takes a delicious aged white cheddar and adds red wine to create this decadent cheese. Tasty on its own or in a grilled cheese sandwich as a special treat, it’s so full of flavour, no ketchup needed! The cheese is made in the town of New Bothwell about an hour south of Winnipeg. Their factory has a store front where you can buy bags of cheese ends and fresh cheese curds made that day!

Winkler Meats’ Ham/Garlic Sausage Ring: Also known as kubasa, Winkler’s Ham/Garlic Sausage Ring has the perfect amount of spice, and goes well as a snack with the aforementioned red wine extra old cheddar and some crackers. Fully cooked and ready to eat, the 300g size garlic sausage ring is the perfect size for adding to a party tray or to keep in the fridge as a snack for the week (if it lasts that long)!  Their sausage is proudly made in the town of Winkler, an hour and a half south west of the city.

Nature’s Farm’s Garlic Lemon Pepper Linguine: The perfect pantry staple for an easy-to-make dinner, this subtly flavoured pasta is made from simple but high quality ingredients. It’s delicious when prepared with just a hint of oil, lemon juice and Parmesan, or as a base for a chicken stir-fry.  Nature’s Farm pasta is made in Steinbach, using eggs from free-run, vegetarian-fed chickens on their family farm.

Pia Variety Pesto’s Basil Cashew Pesto: The classic and incredibly versatile sauce gets a deliciously nutty spin with Pia’s variation. It’s packed with flavour, so a small amount goes a long way! Try it as a sandwich spread, bread topper, marinade for chicken, pasta sauce or on pizza (as a sauce or topping). Pia’s pestos are made in small batches with organic ingredients in Winnipeg.