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Raw Honey Worthy of the “Dragons”

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Wendell Honey was founded in the early 1940s by John Wendell. From humble beginnings, a passion for cultivating the finest honey has seen the farm grow to house over 3500 beehives that are the source for Wendell Estate Honey today.

While the types of flowers bees pollinate will affect the taste of their honey, there are different ways of processing honey too. Wendell Estate’s processing, or lack thereof, is what sets them apart; the company produces creamed raw prairie honey. Raw honey undergoes only minimal processing and pasteurization, which maintains many of the nutritional benefits!

It was only a few years ago that Wendell Estate went from producing commodity volumes of honey to focusing their expertise on producing smaller-batch, artisanal honey. It’s all natural and delicious enough to win over the “Dragons” – Martin Neuhofer represented Wendell Estate Honey on CBC’s The Dragon Den! Click here to see what the Dragons had to say about the honey.

Today, under the watchful eyes of Tim and Isabel Wendell, Wendell Honey carries on its tradition of delivering unparalleled taste and texture. Click here for a list of where to find Wendell Estate Honey products.

Fun Facts About Honey
1) It basically has an indefinite shelf life – even when it has crystallized, it hasn’t spoiled!
2) You can un-crystallize honey quite easily: either place the (open) container in a bowl of warm water, stirring occasionally, or heat it slowly in the microwave – just make sure it’s in a microwave-safe container, or transfer the honey to one first.
3) Honey was discovered in Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s tomb – at 3,500 years old, it was still edible! More recently, 5,500 year old honey was discovered in the country of Georgia – check out this video about the discovery!
4) It’s estimated that bees will visit two million flowers and fly 80,000 kilometers to make a pound of honey.
5) You can help honey bees with your garden! Take a look at what the David Suzuki Foundation recommends by clicking here.
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