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Consumers today are looking to buy ‘local’, not only at retailers but when they dine out. Become a Buy Manitoba partner today and help consumers make a connection to local products in your restaurant.

Restaurant and food service partners will be profiled on the Buy Manitoba website DINE section and are entitled to use the Buy Manitoba brand mark in their establishments, website and for the promotion of joint activities/initiatives with the Buy Manitoba program. Although approved partners have the right to use the Buy Manitoba brand mark, they must obtain consent/approval on the use for any promotional purposes, and use in accordance with the Buy Manitoba Graphic Standards Manual.

To be eligible for the Buy Manitoba program, you must have:

  • menu/in-store signage that acknowledges Manitoba suppliers and/or products
  • confirmation of purchases/supply of Manitoba-made products. Details to be determined between restaurant and Buy Manitoba.

Not sure of all the local products available? We would be thrilled to introduce you to the exciting array available right here in Manitoba.

For more information, contact the Buy Manitoba office at (204) 982-6372 or email us at info@buymanitobafoods.ca

Buy Manitoba reserves the right to decline an application at its sole discretion.