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YOMM Beverages


We produce ready to drink Hibiscus beverages that taste great and are free of refined sugars, additives, and preservatives. Our variety of flavoured hibiscus flower drinks, loose teas, and individually packaged hibiscus tea bags can be used to make our famous and tasty tea boasting the flower’s signature deep red colour.


YOMM Hibiscus tea drink - Original 355ml

YOMM Hibiscus tea drink - Strawberry 355ml

YOMM Hibiscus tea drink - Lemon 355ml

YOMM Hibiscus tea drink unsweetened 355ml

YOMM Hibiscus teabags - Original 20 x 2g bags

YOMM Hibiscus & ginger teabags 20 x 2g bags

YOMM Hibiscus & lemon teabags 20 x 2g bags

YOMM Hibiscus & rosehips teaags 20 x 2g bags

YOMM Hibiscus dried loose whole flowers tea 155g

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