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The John Russell Honey Company


Producers and packers of premium Manitoba nectar source specialty honeys, and naturally flavoured honey blends. Using time-tested methods of slow cold filtering, small batch extraction, and in-hive storage, we strive to handle our honey as little as possible to ensure that farm fresh flavour.

Pure Clover & Wildflower Honey

Pure Manitoba Buckwheat Honey

Creamed Honey

Lemon Honey

Maple Honey

Chocolate Honey

Creamed Cinnamon Honey

Blueberry Honey

Saskatoon Honey

Orange Honey

Espresso Honey

Varieties on Naturally Flavoured Honey Blends

Basswood Bloom Honey

Sunflower Bloom Honey

Clover Bloom Honey

Raspberry Bloom Honey

Borage Bloom Honey

Bee Pollen