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Jeanne’s Bakery

931 Notre Dame Boulevard


Jeanne’s Bakery has been a Winnipeg tradition for over 70 years. Our cakes have maintained their same delicious taste and shape since their creation. From the¬†Queen Mother to Jennifer Lopez to all Winnipeggers, our cakes have been part of family, business and government functions since the 1930’s.



At Jeanne's Bakery

  • Custom Order log and square cakes (6-50 servings)
  • Slab Cakes without shortbread bottom (50-100 servings)
  • Picture Cakes

At Retail Agents

  • 12" Log Cake - marble, chocolate, white, banana
  • 8" round cake -marble, chocolate, white, banana, red velvet
  • 6 pack of individual cakes - marble


Available at retailers throughout Manitoba. Visit Jeanne's website for all locations.