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flora & farmer


Delightfully daring jams and pickles that grandma never made. flora & farmer specializes in unique, epicurean preserves made with high quality ingredients and no chemical preservatives. Local and organic ingredients are used whenever possible.

Strawberry, beet & vanilla jam 125ml / 250ml

Pineapple, jalapeno & coconut jam 125ml / 250ml

Mango rhubarb jam 125ml / 250ml

Hot & Smoky pineapple & tomato jam125ml / 250ml

Blackberry, lemon & vanilla jam125ml

Blueberry basil jam125ml

Jasmin pear butter125ml

Cardamom spiced apple maple spread 125ml / 250ml


Other seasonal flavours

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Organic Planet - flora & farmer coming soon!
Wolseley Farmers' Market