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Fauxnola creates breakfast options that combines superfood seeds and nuts without the addition of sugars or sweeteners.

Our granola blend contains eight different superfood seeds and nuts including Pumpkin seed, Chia seed and Coconut with the exclusion of sweeteners and preservatives. This product can be used in numerous ways including with yogurt, as a cereal, it can be added to juices and can be made into our popular energy balls to name just a few.

Our Oatmeal blend is packed with gluten free oats, seeds and toasted coconut. This product too can be used in countless ways. Overnight oats, granola bars, cereal and smoothie bowls just to name a few.

Sourced and packed in friendly Manitoba, Canada.

Fauxnola - Granola Alternative

  • Original Blend
  • Oatmeal Blend
  • Cacao and Apricot Blend
  • Chia Pudding Blend

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