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After years of success in the food and beverage industry, the Warwaruk boys were missing their roots. So, they combined their farming experience with their service industry savvy and launched Farmery beer. Using natural, homegrown ingredients and farmer common sense, they created a beer that encompasses the taste of the prairies.

The Farmery brand is quickly growing. We have built our brewery, are expanding our hop yards and introducing our new line-up of beers into the market.

We welcome tourists to visit our brewery and our farm, so that they will be able to not only see how the ingredients of our beer are grown, but how it’s made as well! The concept is called agri-tourism, and we hope to be a part of the emerging industry with the Farmery Estate Brewery!

Whatever we do, our beer starts here!

The Farmery Flour Collection is truly as homegrown as it gets. Like the ol’ days where you knew where your food came from, our Flour Collection is made with the same Farmery barley that goes into our beer!

Premium Lager: A clear, crisp lager made with hops and barley grown on our family farm. A smooth taste, and clean finish.

Blonde Canadian Pale Ale: A light sessional ale, with fruit notes of citrus, pineapple and pear, made with barley and hops grown on our family farm.

Prairie Berry-Ale: Light touch of natural prairie berry flavour of sour cherry, raspberry and saskatoon. Fresh and balanced with a hint of hops and a smooth taste. Made with barley and hops grown on our family farm.

Pink Lemonale: True to the all-time classic pink lemonade flavour; perfectly balanced, light, tart and sweet. Made with barley and hops grown on our family farm.

Hard Iced Tea: A twist on the Canadian thirst-quencher that we’ve all grown to know and love. Made with barley and hops grown on our family farm.

Flapjack Flour Mix

Beer Bread Mix

Chocolate Cake Mix