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Adagio Acres


Adagio Acres is a family farm in Manitoba, growing and milling organic Naked Oats. Naked Oats are an alternative oat variety that has been grown for thousands of years. They can easily be used as a hot breakfast or in baking to replace conventional oats, and they are valued for their unique flavour, distinct texture, and excellent nutrition.

Adagio Acres oats are grown and milled with dedicated wheat-free equipment, and are regularly tested for gluten contamination so that they can be safely included in a wheat-free diet. We believe that good food should be an enticement to slow down and enjoy life, and we hope that a bowl of Naked Oat porridge as the morning begins will be an invitation to decelerate life’s fast-paced tempo.


Rolled Naked Oats 900g / 9kg

Steel Cut Naked Oats 1.2kg

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