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With the growing demand for local products, Buy Manitoba was developed to help consumers more clearly identify Manitoba foods in the marketplace. In partnership with the Government of Manitoba and the food industry, our goal is to put more Manitoba made food on Manitobans plates. We do this by assisting our participants with marketing and sponsorship initiatives – like the sponsorship of the Local 204 kiosk at the MTS Centre, tradeshow and sampling programs, and various advertising projects.

The “local” focus is reaching shelves, too. Grocers, like our retail launch partner Canada Safeway, are going beyond big name brands to satisfy shoppers’ desire for a more local product. Buy Manitoba has assisted several Manitoba producers and processors to gain access to Safeway shelves with innovative, high quality products. And, we are currently working on a restaurant program with one of Manitoba’s largest food service distributors.

Unlike most buy local* programs, the Buy Manitoba campaign focuses on both processed and fresh food products. Regardless of whether it’s fresh Manitoba carrots or Manitoba roasted coffee – choosing to buy local product has a positive impact on our community. The companies enrolled in the program are proud to be Manitoban and happy to be your neighbours. Helping consumers like you make a connection to local products supports this place we call home – we all benefit.

In order to participate in the program products must qualify as either a Manitoba Food or Manitoba Made Food.

Manitoba Food – Any food or beverage made entirely from ingredients sourced in Manitoba or composed of more than 85% of main ingredients from Manitoba. All the processing and packaging activities must be done in Manitoba.

Manitoba Made Food – Any food product or beverage processed and packaged entirely in Manitoba. When the main ingredients are available in Manitoba in sufficient quantities they must be used.

*Local – Everyone has a different definition of the word local. Whether you feel it means within a certain number of kilometers from where you live, or within your city, province or country – it’s all subject to personal opinion and we can appreciate that! In terms of the Buy Manitoba program, local means food products which are grown or processed within the borders of the province of Manitoba.



Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association

A membership association representing Manitoba’s restaurant and foodservice industry.

Manitoba Canola Growers

The Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) is a non-profit organization that is made up of members, Directors and staff whose mandate is to enhance profitably of Manitoba canola growers through research, marketing and policy.


Manitoba Pork Council

Fostering the sustainability and prosperity of the pork industry for hog farmers and all Manitobans.

Manitoba Egg Farmers

Manitoba Egg Farmers (MEF) represents nearly 170 regulated egg and pullet farmers. Egg farmers are the primary caregivers of 2.3 million hens in Manitoba that produce about 57 million dozen eggs each year. This represents 11% of Canada’s egg supply.

The Farm & Food Discovery Centre

The Farm & Food Discovery Centre is an agricultural interpretive centre where children, youth and families can explore where their food comes from and how it is grown in Manitoba. The Centre targets primarily school aged children (gr. 5-8) with a focus on the agriculture curriculum.  Students can also take part in a workshop to supplement what is learned on the guided tour and in the school classroom. Events and workshops are also offered on Saturdays and throughout the summer.

Friends of Gardens Manitoba

The Friends of Gardens Manitoba is a non-profit, charitable organization, established in 1988, whose mandate is to promote horticultural education.  Gardens Manitoba fundraises for a butterfly conservatory at Assiniboine Park and will donate more than $400,000 starting in 2013.  Gardens Manitoba presents an annual event called Gardening Saturday Tradeshow & Educational Symposium which features local businesses and products including local farmers and growers.